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Thinking of a guiding and hunting career but not sure how to get there? You know how to hunt and fish and you enjoy the outdoors but you need additional skills. Well, take the path less traveled and obtain the skills outfitters are looking for in a guide. When you enroll with Colorado’s High Lonesome Guide training program you will be on your way to learning the skills needed to be successful in the Outfitting and Guiding business.

Guiding is truly one profession that you can start at the bottom and work your way to the top. To be a successful guide you must have the willingness to work hard, desire to learn and have a good attitude. Everyday is a new adventure and test to your ability to perform in tough conditions, that said, there is no better profession for the true outdoor person. This course is also designed for those who may not want to go on working as a guide but are wanting to learn more about hunting, packing and horsemanship skills that can be used in back country trips.

At Colorado's High Lonesome guide training we have a combined 60 years experience in all aspects of the guiding and outfitting business. Our curriculum is designed to focus on hands on training with qualified instructors that currently work as guides. The number one thing that sets us apart from other schools is that the skills learned through lessons will be applied on the job in the backcountry wilderness. We are permitted in some of the most beautiful game rich country in the west. Some learning opportunities include navigating mountain terrain, viewing wildlife, leading a string of mules, exploring on horseback, organizing and setting up camp are merely a few of things you will learn during this 4 week course. You will be assessed on your skills throughout the course and the students that wish to continue on and work as guides will be put in our job placement program and on the way to your first job opportunity.

My name is Jason Gilsinger co-owner of Colorado's High Lonesome Outfitter & Guides. I would like to share a little history about myself. I grew up on a farm in Indiana when I graduated high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I read an article in Outdoor Life magazine about hunting guides in the west. Being a boy from the east how was I to get my foot in the door? To make a long story short in 1994 I decided to take the leap and I enrolled into a guide school and headed out west. With 20 + years of hard work, experience, dedication and love for the outdoors I have had the great privilege of operating my own outfitting business! Never hesitate to try something new and always follow your dreams. Enroll today and I will help you get started on your hunting and guiding career!

Please contact me anytime if you have questions. I would like to talk with you about the great program we have to offer to our students.

Jason Gilsinger
Colorado’s High Lonesome Outfitter & Guide’s
Office (970) 638-4239
Cell (970) 846-1449




WEEKS 1 & 2… Introduction to the business and personal instruction.

1.   How to properly saddle and unsaddle horses and mules.
2.   General riding in the mountains
3.   Horse care and first aid in the backcountry
4.   Horse shoeing and foot care
5.   Knots and braiding rope
6.   Packing horses and mules
7.   Trailers and horses
8.   First aid and CPR
9.   Map and compass reading
10. Wilderness survival
11. Using chain saws and axes
12. Cooking
13. Hunting for big game and judging trophies
14. Skinning and caring for trophies
15. Dressing and butchering game

WEEKS 3 & 4… In the field training, use what you have learned from weeks 1 & 2 in the backcountry.

1.   Put together supplies for a progressive pack trip into the wilderness.
2.   Pack and lead a string of mules
3.   Following Forest service and wilderness rules.
4.   Care for stock in the backcountry
5.   Set up camps
6.   Pack out camps
7.   Graduation

Dates and Rates

FIRST CLASS……..June 6th to July 1st………………$ 4,800.00

SECOND CLASS….August 1st to August 25th ………………$ 4,800.00

To enroll in a class we require a 50% deposit and the balance is due 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival.

We only take a limited number of students, so don’t wait enroll today and be on your way to a hunting and guiding career. It’s up to you to make that first move if you want to pursue a career in this industry we are here to help you get there!

Please contact me anytime and we can talk about your future.

Jason Gilsinger

Colorado’s High Lonesome Outfitter & Guides
P.O. Box 122
Yampa, Colorado 80483
Office 970-638-4239
Cell 970-846-1449

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